Enabling the next generation of flexible electronics using Transparent Conductive Films (TCFs)


Magwire opens up the door for the next generation of flexible electronics.

Our patent-protected approach uses nickel-coated copper nanowires (NiCuNW), patterned using traditional photoresist methodologies, which are then aligned for plasmatic welding using a magnetic field.

The result is a highly conductive film that is transparent, and yet also flexible.

Our solution is compatible with current manufacturing infrastructure and processes, allowing it to be cost-effective and easy to integrate.

We work with our customers to develop the optimal solution for their application and then license our technology so they can manufacture films to their exact specifications. Magwire also provides custom TCF solutions to select customers.

Superb optical transparency coupled with flexibility and minimal sheet resistance


touch screen display

mobile phone

transparent display

smart window

flexible display

wearable electronics


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